Music Program


What We Believe

It is the mission of Montecito Baptist School to prepare college-bound students with a solid and balanced academic foundation. Furthermore, we believe that a well-balanced education requires an exceptional music program so that our students are not only equipped with a strong STEM education, but also knowledgeable of the liberal arts. In fact, we believe that the study of music cultivates essential critical thinking skills and enables a student to easily excel in his/her studies.
Research has established the fact that learning music facilitates learning other core subjects and enhances skills that children traditionally use in other areas of education. The skills, knowledge, and work habits acquired through the study of music will enrich the student’s life. Through these experiences, students will build positive personal relationships with others, preparing them to live and work in the diverse society that we live in today. Therefore, it is our intent to initiate our music program with a solid instrumental education where we will fashion a complete orchestra comprised of our eager students.

The Music Program

MBS is a non-profit, private, Christian education school designed with a tution system to purchase the required curriculums for its students. Developing a Music Program is nearly impossible without individual sponsors like you, who are willing to invest in the foundation of children’s lives.


The instruments that students will receive are top-quality student instruments. Yearly maintenance of all instruments will ensure that the instruments stay in excellent condition to be played for many years. Our budget includes yearly and periodic emergency maintenance to ensure the instruments are “as good as new.”

Instrument supplies will also be accounted. The budget will also include supplies for brass and woodwind instruments such as: reeds, valve oil, cork grease, and additional mouthpieces. String instruments will require additional strings, rosin, and shoulder rests.


Students will demonstrate a mastery of musical skills and concepts at levels of increasing difficulty. They will learn to participate in music as musicians, through singing and playing instruments. Students will participate in several events throughout the year such as our yearly Christmas Program, Spring Concerct, and Fine Arts Competition.

Sponsorship Proceeds Benefit:

  • Students who need additional help with their music tuition.
  • Spiritual students with a passion to serve God with their talents.
  • Committed students who are dedicated to finishing.
  • Honorable students who live with integrity and godliness.
  • Faithful students who will steward your investment year after year.