K-4 Program

The four-year-olds will be given a solid foundation in an enjoyable atmosphere and will be introduced to the exciting world of learning. This program is not a day care, but an academic introduction to Kindergarten that teaches Bible, phonics, reading, writing, and numbers. During the year, the students are taught to read with the same intensive phonics approach that has resulted in such an extraordinary success in the five-year-old Kindergarten program. By the end of the school year, these students are able to read small books.

Kindergarten Program

Montecito Baptist School Kindergarten offers an outstanding academic program in a secure, loving, and comfortable atmosphere. Our K-5 is a complete instructional guide which offers a range of subjects including cursive writing, numbers, Bible memory verses, and reading/phonics. The students read phonetically using an intensive phonics approach that has resulted in an extraordinary success. By the end of the school year, the majority of the students will be capable of reading from a second grade textbook. The year closes with a graduation ceremony where students and parents are delighted to witness all the acquired achievements.