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The Garlick Family

Today, a giant of the faith graduated to the presence of God. There are very few people in life that live being moved and consumed by something they believe in so strongly, that they give their life for it. Danny Garlick was one of those few. His love for his Savior Jesus Christ, set in him a passion that led him to give himself completely, and unconditionally to the preaching of the Good news of Jesus Christ; the Glorious gospel. This love and passion infected his family. His wife Teresa, who worked tirelessly by his side, with her heart in tune with God’s call for her husband, shared this passion together with him. He literally spent himself for the cause of Christ. This dear servant of God instilled in all of us, the zeal to preach the gospel to “every creature”. Please pray for grace, strength, and comfort for the family. Pray also, that the Lord would lead you about showing our appreciation for the Garlick family.

Dear Brethren,
On April 6th we will be launching our Food Bank project. If you have extra non-perishable food, we would like your help! We will be putting together care packages with the following items:

Rice, Beans, Canned food, Cooking Oil, Soup cans, Tuna, Crackers, Dried fruit, Cereal, Protein Bars, Oatmeal, Toilet Paper


Lunes / Monday: 2-4 PM
- Entrega de donaciones
- Donation drop-off

Martes / Tuesday: 2-4 PM
- Los miembros de mayor edad y los miembros que están en necesidad o perdieron su trabajo pueden recibir provisiones los martes.
- Older members, and members that are in need or lost their job may receive a care package on Tuesdays.

Miercoles y Viernes / Wednesday and Friday: 2-4 PM
- Abierto a la comunidad. Habrá provisiones limitadas basado en donaciones.
- Open to the community. There will be a limited supply based on donations.

Service Schedule

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If you are a member of Montecito Baptist Church, make sure we have your current email address and mobile number. We will be communicating through text and email as our service schedules change.