Luis Bautista Bus Ministry


The bus ministry is one of the long standing pillars of Montecito Baptist Church. Founded by Pastor Salazar during the early days of Montecito, it has been revered as the most prominent and fruit thriving ministries at Montecito. The Bus Ministry was dedicated to the late co-founder and Bus Captain, Luis Bautista Sr., who went home to be with the Lord during our transition to our new facilities. His enduring love for the souls and unstopable spirit in visitation and running his 4 branches of Route 5, lifted him up as an example for many others to follow.


Throughout the years, the Luis Bautista Bus Ministry has reached many people for the Lord, and is considered a fountain from which many servants have been called to preach the gospel throughout the globe. Even then, many faithful, as in the case of Brother Gerson Roche, have remained at Montecito helping pave the way for others to follow. The Luis Bautista Bus Ministry is composed of 15 bus routes that run throughout the major Los Angeles Area, North Hollywood, Compton, most of San Gabriel Valley, and now with bus routes in the San Bernandino area, particularly Ontario, Chino, Fontana and Riverside.


Many a Bus Captain have been graduates of the Instituto Bautista Hispano, of Montecito Baptist Church, now named Ontario Baptist College, and have moved on to serve the Lord in the field. Many have started churches in Mexico, Central America, South America and also at home in California. Of the many children who have been reached through the Bus Ministry, there are countless that have prepared to serve the Lord as missionaries in other countries, including China, South America and Mexico.


The Luis Bautista Ministry continues to grow today, with hundreds of soul winners meeting every Saturday to go and visit the old fashioned way, door-to-door, one-on-one evangelism. Everyone involved in a bus route is excited to be part of this outstanding ministry, giving grace for they have received of grace. There are countless families that have been reached whom are now serving at Montecito, giving testimony of how their lives have been impacted and changed as a result of a faithul soul winner knocking at their door.