Great Academic Program

Since 1995, MBS has held high academic excellence. We continue to strive academically by strengthening our standards and improving classroom structure every school year.

Powerful Preaching

Our children need to be challenged in this day of so much moral decay. Every week, they are challenged through the most powerful book ever written, the Bible. Preaching and teaching the Bible is the key to maintaining the right attitude for learning.

Great Faculty and Staff

Competent, caring, and dedicated staff motivates our students to reach their God-given potential. We believe that the faculty and staff are leaders by example so they may impact and influence the students’ lives. All teachers are active members of Montecito Baptist Church.

Fun Activities

MBS offers different school-wide activities; we compete in the West Coast Baptist Fine Arts Competition each year with many other schools state-wide.

Sports Programs

We are members of CBAL (California Baptist Athletic League); we compete against other Christian schools in Flag Football, Basketball, and Volleyball.

School Facts

  1. Founded September 1995
  2. Provides grades k4 – 12
  3. Uses the Abeka book curriculum (a traditional Christian curriculum)
  4. Tuition financed
  5. Teachers are dedicated and actively members at MBC
  6. Academic Kindergarten
  7. Sports program on a secondary level
  8. Annual Fine Arts competition
  9. Nintey pecent of the graduates are serving in full time ministry and attending college